Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Crown Crypto?

Crown Crypto is a subsidiary of Crown Change, a leading cash exchange in Bulgaria. It is a company with buros around Bulgaria that allows customers to exchange cash to cryptocurrency and vice versa directly at our exchange locations.

2. How can I start using Crown Crypto?

To start using Crown Crypto, you can visit any of our numerous exchange locations across Bulgaria.

3. What types of cryptocurrencies can I purchase at Crown Crypto?

Crown Crypto supports a wide array of cryptocurrencies. For a complete list, please refer to the currencies page on our website.

4. What are the fees associated with using Crown Crypto?

Yes, there is a flat transaction fee of 3% for buying and selling cryptocurrencies at Crown Crypto.

5. Can I exchange my cryptocurrency back to cash?

Yes, Crown Crypto allows users to sell their cryptocurrencies and receive the cash equivalent directly at our exchange locations.

6. How safe is Crown Crypto?

Crown Crypto adheres to the highest security standards to protect users' assets. It is a subsidiary of Crown Change PLC, a trusted partner to millions of people since 2002.

7. How can I contact Crown Crypto for support?

You can contact Crown Crypto's customer support through the contact form on our website or you can visit us at one of our many locations across Bulgaria.

8. Where can I access Crown Crypto services?

Crown Crypto services can be accessed at any of our exchange locations across Bulgaria. We aim to be as close as possible to our customers, just like our parent company, Crown Change PLC.

9. Can I send or receive money worldwide through Crown Crypto?

Currently, Crown Crypto focuses on the exchange of cash to cryptocurrency and vice versa. For worldwide money transfer services, please refer to our parent company, Crown Change.

10. Can I use Crown Crypto if I am a tourist?

Yes, both international and Bulgarian tourists can use Crown Crypto's services. We are committed to providing world-class services to all our customers.